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High Scoring International LAW CSS Solved Past Papers 2016-20


Inside this Book :

  • High Scoring Solved Past Papers
  • Structured Sample Answer
  • Quick Revision Solution
  • Solved Past Papers 2016-20
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High Scoring International LAW CSS Solved Past Papers 2016-20: International law or public law is a set of rules and regulations defining the relation between states. When it comes to CSS, International law is considered the easiest subject. Hence it is a high mark gaining subject. Most of the CSS aspirants opt to go for this subject.

This subject is well-reputed and popular among students. It is the beauty of this subject that thousands of students score high marks every year with a little focus and hard work. International law governs practically every aspect of international interest in some way. The subject of governance has evolved from playing an instrument for governing State-to-State relationships into an intricate web of rules.

High Scoring International LAW CSS Solved Past Papers 2016-20 is a book that can help you get things clear with a little sincere effort and dedication. This subject can also help you prepare for your current affairs exam and the international law information.

You can order this book from our store. We are offering you an affordable price for this book.  FPSC has revised the syllabus for this book. So, this is the revised edition that you will get from here. In the recent edition, there is an addition of contemporary developments taking place in the world. 

You can make a great high-scoring exam combination if you choose a combination of books, including Geography, International Law, Political Science, and British History. It will be a recipe for a tasty dish as a result.

Moreover, if you have an interest in the foreign services of Pakistan, you will enjoy studying this book. To be successful in any competitive exam, you should read the right material.

As far as International Law is concerned, this book has everything you may need to learn. Further, almost every important thing is available in this book. High Scoring International LAW CSS Solved Past Papers 2016-20 covers all the topics according to the new syllabus. So, order your book right now from our website. We assure you to deliver the product in fine quality. We also recommend you to check  Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science by David Watson.


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